BISA is a suicide prevention and mental health support line, provided by Bali Bersama Bisa foundation.

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Denpasar Mental Health Centre
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Denpasar Mental Health Centre
Jl. Padang Gajah No. 8 (the street beside Balimed Hospital), Denpasar
Joint practice clinic with psychiatrists and psychologists in Bali

Online and offline counselling
Psychiatrist counselling
Plinical and adolescent psychologist counselling
Child psychologist counselling
Speech therapy
Couple therapy
Family therapy
Mental health screening
Yoga Mental Health (under the supervision of a psychiatrist and the guidance of a professional health yoga practitioner)

Whatsapp: 0896-3830-7300
Instagram: @denpasar.mentalhealthcentre
Facebook: Denpasar Mental Health Centre

0896 3830 7300